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It’s Your Day, Let’s Make It Your Way

Serving Our Community One Table at a Time

Fresh Taste Catering loves to make your event unique with our catering services and authentic dishes that go with nearly any occasion. Breakfast catering, BBQ catering, corporate catering, event catering, party catering– you name it and we can serve it. What makes Fresh Taste Catering stand out as a catering company in Colorado Springs is our customizable menus, which our chef trained in the culinary arts, can cook for you based on your particular wants and needs. For over six years we have been bringing people to the table for corporate events, weddings, backyard BBQ’s, picnics, and holidays. Let us know what we can start cooking for you today!

Corporate Catering: Spice Up Your Business with Our Menu

Do you need something exquisite or savory for your next upcoming business meeting? For non-profits and fundraisers, business banquets, business breakfasts, and business luncheons, Fresh Taste Catering will spice up your day with our mouthwatering selections. Our customizable menu makes it easy to satisfy everyone’s hunger, regardless of your particular business needs. With our drop-off catering, we make it easy for you, so you can get to work while enjoying great food. With our full-service catering, our staff will serve you and your guests, so you can attend to business at hand. Spice up your business with Fresh Taste Catering!

Wedding Catering: Make Your Wedding Your Own

There are a million things to plan for a wedding — it’s the special day for you and that special someone after all. Let’s cross catering off the list together. We love to serve all kinds of weddings in Colorado Springs, and best thing of all, our customizable menu means that you and your loved one can decide on every entree you guys feel is just “you”. We do everything from backyard BBQ catering to fine dining catering, so that on your magical day, everyone’s hunger and taste buds will be satisfied. Make your wedding your own with Fresh Taste Catering!

Holiday Catering: Let Us Cook Something Special To Celebrate the Day

As the years roll by, the holidays hit us with their sudden impact. For holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more, cooking for our family is the best way to bring people to the table. Our customizable menu allows for you to serve great meals for your particular occasion. Our BBQ menu goes great with Fourth of July, and our elegant dining menu goes great with momentous occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Make your day special with Fresh Taste Catering by letting us know what we can start cooking for you!

Casual Catering: Make Your “Ordinary” Day Extraordinary

From birthdays, to picnics, and backyard BBQ’s to graduation parties, Fresh Taste Catering provides a little bit of something for everyone. We will bring the cooking to you and your occasion with food that sizzles and makes everyone hungry for more. We will deliver it to your party in our biodegradable bins that are easy to dispose of when the party starts to settle down. Our BBQ menu goes great with casual meetings where family and friends gather. We have many savory menu items such as a variety of skewers, Mexican food, hot dogs, burgers, and more. Anything you can think of, we can probably make it for you! Make your day extraordinary with Fresh Taste Catering!

Fresh Ingredients Made With Care:

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Fresh Taste Catering got its name “Fresh Taste” for two reasons. One: We cook with only fresh ingredients picked from local sources in Colorado Springs. We take great care in the handling of the food we prepare, from choosing trustworthy farms and gardens, to preparing your food according to industry safety standards. We believe in safe food sources, safe cooking temperatures, safe cooking techniques, and safe hygiene. The second reason we got the name “Fresh Taste Catering” is that the food we prepare is simple in its ingredients, but always fresh in taste.

Let's Start Planning Your Next Event Today!

Fresh Taste Catering caters to events throughout Colorado Springs, including Security, Pueblo, Fountain, Falcon, and Monument. We use only fresh ingredients and strive to exceed customer expectations. Our chef trained in the culinary arts can cook nearly anything, so if you have anything specific in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know! We love to cater in events in Colorado Springs including weddings, corporate events, holidays, and casual events. If you have an event coming up that needs catering, contact us and we would be happy to help you.