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Fresh Taste Catering has been bringing people to the table since 2016 with our gourmet recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest family members. We started by cooking for our friends and family in the neighborhood and quickly learned that cooking for others is our passion. We decided to make Fresh Taste Catering our sole focus, and now we delivery fantastic results to businesses and families across Colorado Springs. One thing that makes our business truly unique is our ability to offer so many services with a variety of dishes to match. Whether it is formal dining or casual backyard picnics, our cooks can handle it! We also offer meal prep delivery for busy families and individuals. 

Bringing People to the Table Since 2016

Full Service Catering

Full service catering always means you leave full, but seldom does it mean you leave fulfilled. For your event, we will go over and beyond to exceed your expectations from set up to serving your guests with superb customer service. Afterwards, we will clean up leaving your event the way we found it.  We believe it is important to serve your guests so you are able to focus on your special occasion. 

Note: Full service catering services cost an additional 20% of the total cost. We are open to special accommodations if you have any — feel free to contact us to find out more.

Drop Off Catering

We offer drop off catering for those who don’t require our staff to serve your event. We pride ourselves on never being late whether it is for a casual get together or a formal meeting –we will deliver your meals on time. All of our meals come in biodegradable bins that are neatly packaged allowing for easy clean up. No matter the occasion, and no matter the formality, drop off catering makes it easy on you. 

Note: We are able to do drop-off catering for formal events as well. For formal events, we suggest full service catering, for casual events, we recommend drop off catering. 

Meal Prep Delivery

After getting off work from a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is cook for yourself and / or family. When times get busy, meal prep delivery always frees up precious down time, allowing you to stay out of the kitchen and spend time where your energy is worthwhile. Similar to drop-off catering all meals come in biodegradable bins, allowing for a seamless culinary experience. 

Note: Our delivery charge is an extra 15% of the total order. All orders require 48 hours notice. 

Dessert Bar Catering

A dessert bar is the perfect way to end your event with a bang. Nothing tastes better than chocolate strawberries or sweet cannolis after a savory meal. Our dessert bar goes perfect with birthday parties, weddings, reunions, anniversaries, momentous occasions, and more.

Events We Cater

We serve a variety of events ranging from casual to formal. We are able to do full service catering or drop off catering, depending on your wants and needs. Events we frequently cater include: business lunches, fundraisers, end-of-year parties, outreach events, non-profits, weddings, rehearsal dinners, back yard BBQ’s, picnics, festive events, and more. Our menu below will help you get started customizing your own menu based on what event you are hosting!

Corporate Catering

Fundraisers, corporate banquets, staff parties, lunch meetings, non-profits- you name it!  We bring elegant dining to you, so you and your business can check one more thin off your to-do list.   Choose from our menu of zesty and delectable entrees to get started.

Wedding Catering

 Your special day should be just that – special. Special times call for special catering. Customize your own menu with a wide array of entrees to choose from. Feeling fancy? We got you covered. Feeling like ribs? That’s also okay! To have the wedding you want, choose the food you love!

BBQ Catering

BBQing is an art. Allow us to show off our “chops” with our expert level grilling. Our BBQ menu goes perfect for backyard get-togethers, picnics, family reunions, and birthdays.

Holiday Catering

For years we have experimented with our family recipes around Thanksgiving and Christmas. We believe we’ve combined the perfect amount of “festive” with the perfect amount of “delicious”.

Contact Fresh Taste Catering

Fresh Taste Catering has been bringing people to the table since 2016. Our family recipes go well with nearly any occasion. Our business offers full-service catering, drop-off catering, meal prep delivery services, as well as candy and fruit bouquet arrangements. We serve businesses and families across Colorado Springs. If you would like to learn more about how we can serve you, contact us today! We would be happy to talk with you!