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(719) 426-9841

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Fresh Taste Catering Story!

Fresh Taste Commercial Kitchen! All of our food is cooked here. We are registered/ 2018 Food license with the Colorado Springs Health Department.

                         Fresh Taste is here to make your life easier!

Fresh Taste Catering offers:


  • Individual or Family Frozen Meals with free weekly deliveries in                Colorado Springs.
  • Full service Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner Catering
  • Buffet style Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner Catering
  • Special or Formal Wedding Catering
  • Special Plated Catering
  • Boxed lunch or Dinner Catering
  • Drop off Catering

     Is your life busy? Do you dread facing the kitchen night after night, not knowing what to make or prepare for dinner? With all the commitments of family life and work life and tons of other responsibilities tugging you in a million different directions, let’s face it, getting dinner on the table seems like one more chore you don't want to deal with. You are not alone. That’s where Fresh Taste comes in to save the week.

    We know how important it is to have family time. Let us take the added stress away. Let us do the cutting, chopping, cleaning and cooking! We know how important you and your loved ones are, that’s why Fresh Taste takes all that love and we put it into our amazing home-style cooked meals so you don’t have to.

      Fast food is OK, sometimes, but you know how that is, Burgers, Pizza, and Tacos with too skimpy on the meat and very little, if any, fresh ingredients. Fresh Taste is just that!!! FRESH, TASTY and a heaping healthy portion.

      You and your loved ones will be happy eating our wholesome home-style cooked meals that will feed your body, mind, and soul! Your tummy is in loving hands with Fresh Taste Catering, where everything is fresh. We here at Fresh Taste love Colorado and that’s why we buy only fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. 

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  • Fresh Taste Catering mission is to be a leading food & catering related service provider in Colorado Springs and surrounded areas by offering high quality products, while maintaining a high standard of service, safety and freshness that will exceed our customers expectations! 

Prices subject to change due to increase in market